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Call 954-525-3456 Ft. Lauderdale or 954-342-9137 for our Hollywood, FL theater. 

Purchase at the door (but there will be many our advice, get them early and online whenever possible)

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Cash too!

Tickets Info

Most films are 

$6 FLIFF Members, $8 for Seniors or Students, $10 General Admission

A few special screenings cost

$10 FLIFF Members, $15 General Admission

FAST Passes

$395 Members, $475 Non-Members includes all Festival related films Sept 27 - Nov 11. 

There are a few parties that cost a little more, and a bunch that are FREE. 


FAST Passes: FREE admission to all films and special events* during the festival, plus extra perks 

For more information or to purchase a Fast Pass, CLICK HERE 

*At times we invite other non-profit organizations to utilize the festival for fundraising activities. FAST PASSES may not be valid for these events.