The Broward County Film Society (parent organization of Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival and Cinema Paradiso) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit cultural organization. Your tax deductible donation sustains all of the programs and makes it possible, even in the tough times, to keep going. Below are just a few ways you can keep the magic alive:

General Operating

Though not as sexy as a new program or a piece of new equipment, we can testify that no donation is as important. General Operations include the utilities, film rights, repairs and maintenance, fuel, insurance, fees, short, everything we need to pay to exist. Your donation will receive program credit in the Annual FLIFF Catalog.

$25 $50 $100 $250 $500 $1000 $2500

Mary N. Porter Legacy Fund

Mary Porter was a philanthropist and humanitarian who lived in Broward. She believed that giving back is a part of who we are as a people. Mary’s giving spanned the range of all issues in Broward including the arts, animal welfare, health and human services and more. She enjoyed investing in community solutions and was excited to be a part of a community of active givers. Mary worked with the Community Foundation in her philanthropy during her lifetime and wanted us to be the stewards of her giving after she was gone.

One of three Funds created in the fall of 2012 from her estate, the Mary N. Porter Legacy Fund at the Community Foundation of Broward is designed to support capital projects including new construction, renovations and other major capital initiatives to improve the quality of services in Broward. This is the first Fund of this kind in Broward, specifically addressing the capital needs of our community.

Out of twenty-six applicants, Cinema Paradiso – Hollywood was one of three selected projects to win funding from the Porter Fund. The Fund will match $1 for $1 monies raised to create CP-H up to $150,000.

Here are some suggested ways you can contribute:

$500 __ Angel Board (Name listed on Lobby Plaque) $1000 __A Men’s Room Urinal or Toilet (Your name or logo affixed atop) $1250 __A Ladies Room Toilet (Your name or logo affixed atop) $1000 __ Seat-Rows 9 –11 $1250 __ Seat-Rows 5-8 $1500 __Seat-Rows 1-4 $2500 __Row (Your name or logo affixed to a row of 8 seats) $5000 __The Men’s Room (Your name or logo affixed to door and atop the mirror) $6500 __The Ladies Room (Your name or logo affixed to door and atop the mirror) $7500 __ East Lobby Lounge $15,000 __The Movie Screen (Sign above entrances and above screen) $30,000 __The Tech Booth (Sign above entrances and on booth) $50,000 __The Outside Marquee facing Hollywood Boulevard

The Millennium Club

Founded in 2006 by FLIFF Member John Mager, TMC is dedicated to the enhancement of Cinema Paradiso – Lauderdale, our headquarters and flagship theatre. Over the years, TMC has created the Courtyard (which after Hurricane Wilma in 2005, was just a mess of potholes and tree roots), added a Marquee and signage to the front of the building, renovated the lobby restrooms and is presently adding additional restroom space inside the auditorium. TMC members have one-time dues of $1000, but several donate $1000 annually. Their names and photos are published in the FLIFF catalog. Those that make additional donations receive a * after their name, one for each added $1000.

JOIN TMC ___ $1,000

Event Sponsors

A majority of our corporate sponsors prefer to sponsor an event which gives them title recognition. Here are some options:

  • FLIFF Presenting Sponsor ____$100,000
  • Opening Night Film ___ $5,000
  • Opening Night Party ___ $25,000
  • Chairman’s Cruise & Brunch ___$4,500
  • World Cinema Series ___ $10,000
  • American Indie Series ___ $7,500
  • Documentary Series ___ $3,500
  • Short Subject Series ___ $2,500
  • Children’s Series ___ $2,500
  • Senior Series ___ $3,000
  • Centerpiece Film & Party ___ $4,500
  • Closing Night Film ___ $2,500
  • Wrap Party ___ $5,000
  • Gala ___ $15,000
  • Superbowl Party & Telecast ___ $1,500
  • Academy Award Party ___ $2,500
  • Kentucky Derby Party & Telecast ___ $1,500

Official Sponsors

Official Sponsors are exclusive and mandate there will not be another sponsor of FLIFF in the same category.

  • Official Bank ___ $10,000
  • Official Car ___ $20,000
  • Official Airline ___ $20,000 value in-kind tickets
  • Official Rental Car ___ $5,000 value in-kind rentals
  • Official Hotel ___ $10,000 value in-kind rooms
  • Official Printer ___ $20,000 in-kind printing

Name your category!