Country of Origin: Bangladesh
Year: 2011
Runtime: 119 min
Language: English and Benglai & Urdu w/English sub-titles
Director: Rubaiyat Hossain
Producer: Ashique Mostafa
Cast: Jaya Bachchan, Victor Banerjee, Omar Rahim, Shayna Amin


In 1971, during Bangladesh's war of independence, Meher falls in love with a soldier from the enemy side. When her love is discovered, she is shamed and silenced by her family and society. Today 38 years after the war, Meher has a visitor she cannot turn down. Sarah - war-child, Meher's cousin Neela's daughter, who was given away for adoption has come back to piece together her past. Together, these two women must re-tell history through their stories in order to cut through the stigmas and walk into light.

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