BREAKFAST WITH CURTIS - St Augustine Film festival

Country of Origin: U S A
Year: 2012
Runtime: 82 min
Language: English
Director: Laura Colella

Producer: Laura Colella
Cast: Jonah Parker, Theo Green, David Parker, Aaron Jungels, Yvonne Parker, Laura Colella, Adele Parker, Gideon Parker, Tory Fair, Virginia Laffey


In 2004,director/writer Laura Colella brought her quirky comedy-romance STAY UNTIL TOMORROW and captured FLIFF prizes as well as our hearts. She returns now with an equally off-beat story that is captivating and intriguing.

In the beginning you meet a cadre of characters who live in the same charming but funky abode in the northeast. You will try to figure out who's who and what the relationships are...but don't worry, the story subtly unfolds like a flower, revealing tidbits as it ambles along. In this tres bohemian household are Syd (a kinder, gentler Hunter S Thompson), an eccentric who dabbles in waxing poetic and imbibing frequent quantities of red wine; Pirate, his soul mate, not oblivious to Syd's weirdness, just comfortably fond of it; Sadie, an elderly matron who has savored life to its fullest; Paola (brought to life by Colella) a free and introspective spirit who lives with Frenchy, who, though we aren't told, seems to have a certain degree of circus DNA coursing through his being.

Next door, a family (Sylvie the Mom, Simon the Dad and Curtis their son) that seems ordinary enough, though as time slips by they begin to exhibit their own eccentricities.

In a nutshell, Syd gets in a brouhaha with Simon near the beginning of the film. Then, fairly soon we fast forward five years and now, Syd re-engages the neighbors in hopes of having the now teenage Curtis assist him with technical expertise on an internet venture.

What is important to keep in mind - this is not your typical narrative - the characterizations, the finely crafted dialogue and the ambiance of the garden imbued neighborhood create a lilting and intoxicating respite from the typical universe others (us) breathe.

Winner of FLIFF Spirit of Independents Award

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