GARBAGE - St Augustine Film Festival

Country of Origin: U S A
Year: 2012
Runtime: 83 min
Language: English
Director: Phil Volken

Producer: Alina Shraybman, Phil Volken
Cast: Jed Rees, Jon Huck, Alanna Ubach, Michael Madsen, William Baldwin, Daryl Hannah


How could a film about garbage be so sweet? First of all, a great script, two terrific lead performances and the guiding focus of the director to keep it as real as possible, all the while creating a funny and dare I say it again, sweet film.

Lenny and Abbott are two garbage men with the enviable route of Beverly Hills. Modest and unassuming, Abbott drives the truck. Lenny, who idolizes Hollywood, is the outside guy. They are both lovable guys who seem to enjoy their work and the few perks that come with it.

On one fine day as they are emptying their load at the county dump, something catches Lenny's eye and almost immediately - the lives of our two heroes begin to change.

Adding some Hollywood zing are cameos by Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah, and Billy Baldwin.

So tomorrow at the water cooler, when someone asks what you saw at FLIFF last night, just tell'em, "Garbage".

Sponsored by Celeste Locante-Thorson & John Thorson. Special Guest Phil Volken.

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