Country of Origin: Iran
Year: 2012
Runtime: 45 + 40
Language: Farsi & Kurdish w/English sub-titles
Director: Roohangiz Shams

Producer: Tabyan Inc.
Cast: Payam Manoochehri, Mobin Sadeghi, Keyvan Faraji, Samira Zangani + Karim Akbari Mobarak, Mohammad Ali Danyali, Sajjad Shokri, Fatemeh Danyanli


A GLASS OF MILK - A doctor in a Tehran hospital has concluded his day and is about to leave the hospital when he becomes involved with a man and his wife who have brought the wife's mother to the hospital due to a heart attack. The couple have no money but are frantic to do whatever it takes to save the woman. The doctor becomes aware of a small tattoo on the sick woman's hand and he knows he must intervene between the receptionist and the couple and he agrees to do an examination. Later that evening, when the doctor returns home to his elderly father and young son, his mind drifts off remembering a time long ago, when he was a simple peasant boy in a rural village. Shams takes her time to develop a story that is moving and sweet. Her young actors are exceptional. The Iranian countryside is hard and formidable yet beautiful and alluring. FLIFF is proud to present the world premiere of this simple tale of remembrance and debt.

A young boy takes care of his little sister and elderly grandmother. They live in a mud house, which despite the hole in the roof is somewhat comfortable. However, the hole troubles the boy and as master of the house it is his duty to repair it. Luckily for him, it hasn't rained in quite some time - which is quite unfortunate for the villagers, their farms and livestock. The village daily performs a traditional ceremony of praying for rain in a village in Iran which is facing drought. The people and their cleric leader pray everyday for a few days, but it doesn't rain and the people are asking why God does not hear their voice.

Perhaps one good and positive gesture can cure two conditions.

As with A GLASS OF MILK, Shams renders a simple tale, told simply with a lot of heart. This film played as a double feature with MILK also celebrates its World Premiere.

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