Country of Origin:
Year: 2012
Runtime: 52 min
Language: English
Director: Shareen Anderson

Producer: Elena Konstantinou, Philip Yakymov, Shareen Anders


A team of scuba divers travels to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific to dive the wreck of the USS Atlanta, a light cruiser that was damaged and sunk during WWII's Naval Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942. The wreck is located at 130 meters (426 feet) below the surface - a challenging dive for even the most experienced technical diver. The battle - often referred to as the "Barroom Brawl" - was one of the most, chaotic and close-range naval battles in US history. It took place from the 12th to the 15th of November 1942, and it credited for turning the tides in favor of the Allies, and eventually leading to the surrender of the Japanese forces.

The USS Atlanta put up a heroic fight against enemy fire, but was battered not only by the Japanese destroyers, but also by friendly fire amidst the confusion. 172 of her men were killed in action. Atlanta was outfitted with detonation charges and scuttled on the orders of the captain to avoid falling into enemy hands.

Through the voices of the dive team members, interviews with historians and veterans who served on the Atlanta, as well as the most extensive footage of the wreck shot to date, the harrowing drama of war and destruction - the story of USS Atlanta, and its final hours will come alive on the screen.

Sponsored by Wayne & Marti Huizenga...This film is one of four free films for Veterans and Active Duty Service members - all taking place at Sunrise Civic Center on Sunday, Nov 11.

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