Country of Origin:
Year: 2012
Runtime: 66 min
Language: English
Director: Mark Korven, Sam Kretchmar, Alex Prager, Joan Chem


DEAD MONDAY, Mark Korven Canada / 2012 / 14 min / English Noah revisits his last five days and the story of his transformation from comic store clerk to graphic novel casualty is revealed. Eventually we arrive at Monday, the day that set everything in motion. Producers & Writers: Tony Duggan-Smith & Mark Korven / Cinematography: Gregory Bennett / Editor: Mark Korven / Cast: Adam Christie, Kevin Breit, Tiffany Browne / Contact:

LIGHTNING MAN, Sam Kretchmar USA / 2012 / 9 min / English Allen Glukowski has a gift, and it's electrifying. Producer: Michael Angelo Covino / Writer: Michael Angelo Covino & Sam Kretchmar / Cinematography: Sam Kretchmar / Editor: Ida Rodriguez Joglar / Cast: Michael Angelo Covino, Tambor I. Mann, Anthony Cascione, Cheryl Berman / Contact: Misunderstood Films,

LA PETITE MORT, Alex Prager USA / 2012 / 7 min / English The mysteries of death, depicting a woman experiencing the boundaries of her body and those of this world. La Petite Mort declares that œthe act of dying, and the act of transcendent love, are two experiences cut from the same cloth - the former a grand exit, and the latter a slow escape. Writer: Alex Prager / Producers: Jeff Vespa, Rachel North / Cinematography: Matthew Libatique, ASC / Editor: David Mortiz / Principal Cast: Judith Godreche / Narration: Gary Oldman / Contact: Bailey Reise, (323) 273-0559

THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN BRAIN, Joan Chemla France / 2012 / 16 min / English Stanley is seven years old when he accidentally discovers that his brain is made of gold. Producers: Charles-Marie Anthonioz, Mourad Belkeddar, Jean Duhamel / Screenplay: Joan Chemla, based on "Lagende de l'homme la cervelle d'or", by Alphonse Daudet / Cinematography: George Lechaptois / Editor: Isabelle Devinck / Set Decorator : Alain Frentzel / Sound: Damien Tronchot / Mix: Aymeric Dupas / Contact:

PLUSH, Ryan Denmark USA / 2011 / 11 min / English Kathy is a mature, professional woman who still sleeps with her cuddly teddy bear Vincent. One night, when a burglar invades, Kathy's home comes alive with magical surprises. To his horror, the intruder learns that not everything is as it seem. Producers: David C. Valdez, Joshua Sallach / Screenplay: Jason Witter & Ryan Denmark / Cinematography: James Kwan / Editor: Cyndi Trissel / Cast: Vanessa Claire Stewart, Jason Witter, Brian Lucero, Merritt Glover / Creature Creation & Puppeteer: Andy Linderkamp / Contact: Ryan Denmark, Third Star Films,

SWEETHEART, Victoria Naumova UK / 2012 / 9 min/ English A London street, late at night. Matthew and Sara wander arm-in-arm along the neon-lit pavement. They're laughing, happy and maybe a little drunk. She stumbles, but he supports her, ever the gentleman. Writer: Lisa Gifford / Producer: Elisar Cabrera / Camera: Dankuro Shinma / Editor: Jason Rayment / Asst Director: Esther Vinana / Production Mgr: Diogo Salvini Costa / Cast: Peter Halpin, Joey Lowe, Lisa Gifford / Contact: Elisar Cabrera

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