Country of Origin:
Year: 2012
Runtime: 85 min
Director: Matt Ornstein, Clint Mourino, Andy Painter, John A


ATLANTIS, Matt Ornstein USA / 2011 / 19 min / English A young couple meet on the day before the final space shuttle launch in the town that lives in its shadow. Producer: Steph Scire / Screenplay: Matt Ornstein / Cinematography: Lukas Ettlin / Editor: Austyn Daines / Principal Cast: Jason Ritter, Kate Frenchl / Contact: Sound & Vision, info@atlantis-the-film.com

BAD INTENTIONS, Clint Mourino USA / 2011 / 5 min / English Working on a new song, Ken decides to clear his mind with a drink. His night ends much differently than he had imagined. Producer: Clint Mourino / Screenplay: Clint Mourino, based on Bad Intentions by Ken Apperson / Cinematography: Tay or Girard / Editor: John Jones / Cast: Ken Apperson, Estelle Skogstad-Kurk, Will Bermudez / Contact: Sharp Edge Entertainment, info@seerino.com

CAPTIVE, Andy Painter USA / 2012 / 22 min / English A man on the run trying to survive on the battlefields of the future. Producers: Richard Swinson, Nancy Bell, Marc Shapins, Doug Rowland, Andy Painter / Screenplay: Andy Painter / Cinematography: Doug Rowland / Editor: Andy Painter / Principal Cast: Andrew Cardy, John Snapp, Tavis King, David Wade, Aaron Rupp / Contact: Vintage Studios, LLC, Andy Painter: Warren_A_Painter@yahoo.com

PRESENT TENSE, John Aniu USA / 2012 / 26 min / English Matt gets mixed up in an illegal gambling operation and missing bag of 100,000 dollars. The money comes with a price tag a lot higher than anyone realizes. Producer: Wanda Gates / Writer: John Aniu / Director of Photography: Felix Ortiz / Editor: Sharon Rutter / Make up: Wanda Gates / Principal Cast: Michael Santi, Cristina Merry, Patricia Dunn, Charles Swensen, Alverano Campbell, Gina Juliet, Louis Grillo / Contact:

SOPHIE HATES ME, Trishul Thejasvi USA / 2012 / 13 min / English She'd be such a dream... if she wasn't such a nightmare Producers: Yonathan Gal, Trishul Thejasvi / Screenplay: Trishul Thejasvi / Cinematography: Richard Carlton / Editor: Trishul Thejasvi / Principal Cast: Danielle Marcucci, Peter J. Konowicz, Christine Hitt / Contact: Orensis Films, tj@orensis.com

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