Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) 2015 - November 6 - 22
FLIFF Kick Off Party

THEATERS - Where We Are & When

Cinema Paradiso-Lauderdale (CPL)   
503 SE 6th St. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301 
(954) 525-FILM

Cinema Paradiso-Hollywood (CPH)
2008 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, FL 33020
(954) 342-9137


  • Riverside Hotel - FLIFF Poster Unveiling Party; September 30
  • Museum of Art - FLIFF Kick Off Party; November 5
  • Bailey Hall - FLIFF Opening Night Film & Party; November 6
  • Sun Dream Yacht - FLIFF Chairman's Filmmaker Cruise & Brunch; November 8
  • Sunrise Civic Center - FLIFF Centerpiece Film & Party; November 14
  • Diplomat Resort (pending) - Chairman's Awards Gala; November 21
  • Revolution or Stache' - FLIFF Closing Night Wrap Party; November 22

Reader's Digest Version

If you've chosen your events and know what film(s) you want to see, the next step is to go online or call us at 525-FILM and order them in advance. Don't have a credit card? No problemo, FLIFF is so 20th Century we still take cash and you can buy them at the door. Then get yourself and your movie-going chums on down to the theatre about 15 minutes before showtime, and voila! You're FLIFF'ing!  No medical exams, no shots, no misplaced luggage (we can't confirm that won't happen actually), no credit report -- bingo!


The Box Office officially opens October 6, just one month before the Film Festival begins! Leaves you plenty of time to surf the catalog, pick your favorite movies, choose one or all of the parties, reserve your tickets in advance and enjoy the fest with confidence you've secured your entrance! 

If you're a filmmaker or family or friend of a special guest of the festival and want to secure seats for your film, we encourage you to purchase your tickets in advance. 

  • General Admission  
  • $6 FLIFF Members
  • $8 for Seniors or Students
  • $10 General Admission

  • Special Screenings
  • $10 - $25 (depending upon the event)

  • Opening Night Film and Party  
  • Chairman's Cruise   
  • Chairman's Awards Gala  
  • Centerpiece Film & Party  
  • Filmmaker Social Calendar
  • Wrap Film and Party   

*All pricing subject to change. Events listed will reflect pricing by (no later than) September.


If you're serious about movies...then you'll seriously want to consider the FLIFF Fast Pass: A photo ID card you wear around your neck...a ticket to ease.  

Why is it so wonderful?  The FP is your perfect FLIFF companion as it allows you to access all film screenings without standing in the Ticket Line.  No need to carry cash or to worry about special screenings. No wait in the standard Ticket Line. You receive VIP service to the theaters. 

FAST PASS includes all FLIFF scheduled screenings (Nov 6-22, 2015), Opening Night, Centerpiece Film and Wrap Party.  *Does not include the Festival Cafe Events. Those are individually sponsored, but we certainly welcome you to inquire about supporting one or more of those! 
For more info, email: 

FLIFF FP Member Price $395
Non Member Price       $450


Not a lot of them. Pretty simple:

  • Turn off your cellphones during the film.
  • Don't even text in the theatre during the film - it's annoying.
  • Can't abide by those two- please just stay home and watch television.
  • Also, no videotaping during film (everyone knows that).
  • Be courteous to other members of the audience- and sure, while we're at it, what the hay, the staff too!


Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover 


Dress up, dress down. Whatever you like to do.  Just be comfortable and you'll feel fine. Rule of thumb: If it's a Gala, you can bet there's some pretty fantastic Black Tie going on, so polish your shoes and take it up a few notches. If it's one of our amazing parties, some of us like to say 'swanky night out wear'. People generally get that. 


Cinema Paradiso Ft. Lauderdale
Free everyday in the Courthouse Parking Garage

  • Monday - Friday 5:30PM - 15 min after start of last film
  • Sunday - All day at meters and in the garage

*Enter the garage via SE 5th Avenue - immediately west of Cinema Paradiso.

Cinema Paradiso Hollywood: Parking is Free for three hours on the street. Strictly enforced. 


Cinema Paradiso Ft. Lauderdale From the North  CLICK HERE for Map View
Take US 1 south through the tunnel.  Turn right at SE 7th Street (1st light after tunnel).  Turn right on SE 5th Avenue (second right you come to).  Go to stop sign.  Cinema Paradiso is across the street on your right.  The Courthouse Parking Garage is across the street on your left.

Cinema Paradiso Ft. Lauderdale From the South
Take US 1 north.  Turn left at SE 7th Street (last light before tunnel).  Turn right on SE 5th Avenue (second right you come to).  Go to stop sign.  Cinema Paradiso is across the street on your right.  The Courthouse Parking Garage is across the street on your left.

Cinema Paradiso Hollywood, FL CLICK HERE for Map View
In the middle of scenic Hollywood Boulevard, just west of Young's Circle, you won't miss our beautiful marquee facing trendy Hollywood Blvd. 

Sunrise Civic Center CLICK HERE for Map View
Located on the south side of Oakland Park Blvd between Nob Hill Road & Hiatus in the city of Sunrise.


Box-office  954-525-FILM (3456)
Administration 954-760-9898
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Fort Lauderdale Int'l Film Festival (FLIFF) 

1314 East Las Olas Blvd #007
Ft Lauderdale FL 33301-2334
(954) 760-9898