The Broward County Film Society is the very essence of non-profit organization, As a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Cultural Institution, your gift is tax-deductible to the extent of the law(consult your accountant on IRS rules). We gladly accept both restricted (you can designate how you want your money spent!) and unrestricted (general operating funds). We truly value the support o the community to continue promoting arts and culture through Independent movies, Foreign Films, American Indies & a world of cinematic experience. ” TAKE A  VACATION FROM ORDINARY FILM…’


Last year, The Film Society was one of just three organizations to receive a brand new cultural facility grant from the County. Our greenlighted proposal was to completely tear out the seven small, nearly unusable rooms, and create a fashionable dressing & green room area. We have had so many stars over the years that had to huddle in squalor (Christopher Plummer, Claire Bloom, Matthew Broderick, Leslie Caron, David Fincher, Jane Lynch, Eli Wallach…and oh so many more).

The remaining 75% of the area will be a catering kitchen. We all know the miracles Michelle can create in a hallway, we need enhance the area so we can enhance your experience.

Miller Construction will do the buildout at cost, and architect Leo Hansen, who did FLIFF’s original renovation in 2002 pro bono, will do so again. Our plan was to secure forty $1500 sponsors and one $60K sponsor. We would name the Kitchen and the Dressing Room after that sponsor(s).

We need to raise $120,000, and we are seeking forty $1,500 Silver Wall Sponsors, and one Title Sponsor at $60,000, after which we will name the Kitchen and Dressing Room after (could be named for more than one person).

Get Your FLIFF Pin Now


Wear your support of FLIFF on your sleeve (or lapel, hat, tote bag, etc) with a classy FLIFF pin.  Make a donation of $19.95 and receive the pin plus a bag of popcorn for your next visit to the Cinema.

General Operating Donation

General Operations include film rights, utilities, insurance, fees, salaries, fuel, repairs and maintenance. In short, everything we need in order to exist. Your donation will receive program credit in the annual FLIFF Catalog.

Ways You Can Contribute!

$500 Angel Board
$1,000 Seat-Rows 9 – 11
$1,250 Seat-Rows 5-8
$1,500 Seat-Rows 1-4
$2,500 Row
$5,000 The Men’s Room
$6,500 The Ladies Room

$15,000 The Movie Screen
$30,000 The Tech Booth
$50,000 The Outside Marquee
Office Supplies: Computers, laptops
Office Carpeting
Sprinkle System