The Broward County Film Society is the very essence of non-profit. As a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Cultural Institution, your gift is tax-deductible (consult your accountant on IRS rules). We gladly accept both restricted (you can designate how you want your money spent!) and unrestricted (general operating funds).

General Operating Donation

General Operations include film rights, utilities, insurance, fees, salaries, fuel, repairs and maintenance. In short, everything we need in order to exist. Your donation will receive program credit in the annual FLIFF Catalog.


Ways You Can Contribute!

$500 Angel Board
$1,000 Seat-Rows 9 – 11
$1,250 Seat-Rows 5-8
$1,500 Seat-Rows 1-4
$2,500 Row
$5,000 The Men’s Room
$6,500 The Ladies Room

$15,000 The Movie Screen
$30,000 The Tech Booth
$50,000 The Outside Marquee
Office Supplies: Computers, laptops
Office Carrpeting
New Green Room