Country of Origin:
Russian Federation
Russian w/English sub-titles
Bittersweet Comedy, Dance, Drama, Featured, Musical, Satirical, World Feature
2 hours 0 minutes
Anna Matison
Tamara Akulova, Karina Andolenko, Elena Babenko, Sergey Bezrukov



Closing Night Film World Cinema  AFTER YOU’RE GONE North American Premiere
Sunday, Nov 19, 4pm at Bailey Hall Broward College
6pm Closing Night Party

Aleksey Temnikov is a renowned ballet dancer, and an acknowledged genius whose career was cut abruptly short after sustaining an injury back in the ’90s. Twenty years later, Aleksey discovers that his condition is degenerative, and that he will soon lose the ability to walk. For him, this means only one thing – death. Before this happens, Aleksey sets out to choreograph a ballet. “What will I leave behind after I am gone?” is a question Aleksey feels he must contend with.

Written and directed by Anna Matison, AFTER YOU’RE GONE is a stunning masterpiece pitting a fascinating storyline with razor-sharp dialogue, phenomenal cinematography (how did the DP pull off some of those shots!), and above all, an award winning performance by Sergey Bezrukov as Aleksey Temnikov.  Bezrukov plays him as a genius who is simultaneously a repugnant holier than thou snob and hilarious.

Special Guests: Anna Matison, Sergey Bezrukov

DIRECTOR: Anna Matison was born in Irkutsk (Siberia) in 1983. In 2008, Anna Matison moved to Moscow and entered the Screenwriting Department of the Russian State University of Cinematography, Natalia Ryazantseva’s workshop. She graduated from the university with distinction in 2013.

pursue a career in tinsel town. The film boasts an impressive list of cameos including John Travolta, Sandra Bullock, and Will Smith.

In 2010 Rifkin worked on the TV series “Look”, a controversial drama that takes us into the foreboding world of hidden cameras. The unique show was shot entirely from the point of view of the hundreds of surveillance cameras we all pass in front of on a daily basis.

The Closing Night Film & Party
Sunday, Nov 19, 6pm, Bailey Hall

Following the 4pm North American Premiere of AFTER YOU’RE GONE, join the director and star for an Italian Mangia Mangia.  Grilled Wings, Meatballs, Pizza, Paninis, Salad and cash bar.  Tickets (include film & party) $25 FLIFF Members, $30Non-Members.  Complimentary for Executive Producer & Superstar members + FAST Pass holders.

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