Country of Origin:
UK, France
Drama, Featured, Mystery, World Feature
1 hours 32 minutes
Charles Garrad
Fanny Ardant, Colin Morgan, Audrey Bastien, Abdelkrim Bahloul, Claire Holman, Bellamine Abdelmalek, Norah Lehembre


World of Cinema WAITING FOR YOU – US Premiere
Saturday, Nov 4, 8pm at Savor Cinema Fort Lauderdale

Thursday, Nov 5, 3:30pm at Cinema Paradiso Hollywood

Grieving young Englishman Paul (Colin Morgan), escapes to France looking for something he thinks is owed to his dead father. He manipulates his way into a mysterious, crumbling house owned by elegant, imperious musician Madeleine (Fanny Ardant). Thus begins a game of cat and mouse between them. Both have dangerous secrets to reveal, and when all the painful truths seem to have been pulled into the light comes Madeleine’s final astonishing revelation.

Charles Garrad has crafted a fine mystery that wends its way through photographs and memories.  We are digging deep for something, but what.  Anchoring this maze of synapses is the brilliant actress Fanny Ardant.  This brilliant artist with 75 films in her history, is the perfect choice for this multi-dimensional character.  Bravo to her for following the lead of Mr. Garrad and creating this magnificent piece d’resistance.

Writer: Charles Garrad , Hugh Stoddart / Producer: Simon Bosanquet / Cinematographer: David Raedecker / Editor: Anuree Da Silva / Production Designer: Ben Smith /Composer: Adrian Corker / Principal Cast: Fanny Ardant, Colin Morgan, Audrey Bastien, Abdelkrim Bahloul, Claire Holman, Bellamine Abdelmalek, Norah Lehembre / Contact: Media Move justyna.koronkiewicz@mediamove.pl

Special Guest: Charles Garrad


Director: Charles Garrad studied Fine Art at Cardiff and Chelsea. A pioneer of the architectural installation in the 1970’s, he spent the early part of his career making and exhibiting his own work extensively and teaching in many art schools.

His main concerns across all media have consistently been time, memory, the atmospheric quality of places and the significance of objects.

In the 1980s an increasing interest in film drew him towards the industry. He cut his teeth as a designer in the world of commercials and pop promos then moved on to TV drama and feature films. He continues to work as an artist and film production designer and he also directs

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