Country of Origin:
American Feature
1 hours 35 minutes
Ela Thier, Nabil Vinas, Ebbe Bassey


Now playing at Savor Cinema Fort Lauderdale

Shaina is a historian who lives 600 years in the future. War, poverty, pollution, greed, exploitation, depression, loneliness: these are things that she’s read about in history books. And while she studied this dark period of history, in which money was viewed as more important than people, she has never, in the flesh, seen humans hurting other humans. Until now. While visiting a group of physicists who experiment with time travel, Shaina is accidentally stranded in the year 2015. Here she involves herself with a group of friends who are as lovable as they are flawed. As the harsh realities of their lives unfold, she learns what no history book could have taught her. Old habits, however, are hard to break, and Shaina can’t help but assume that everyone around her is honest, generous, and caring, as she works to recruit the help that she needs to get back home.

Winner of the 31st Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival’s Best American Indie
Winner Best Feature Film 2016 Moondance International Film Festival
Winnerr Audience Choice 2016 Moondance International Film Festival
Winner Best Director 2016 Flickers Rhode Island Film Festival

“Played with touching insight and natural beauty …provided me with a new sense of wonder for my fellow humans.” Huffington Post

“Her writing and direction are resourceful and assured, and her performance is as delightful as it is imbued with political commentary …In its sweet but pointed way, saying a good deal with relatively little, and in unpredictable ways, the film is also a critique of art as corporate product, especially in the realm of sci-fi franchise extravaganzas.”– The Hollywood Reporter

“Thier sensibility offers such a welcome break… inviting audiences to see our modern-day world through fresh eyes.”– Variety

“a fresh perspective …Thier plays the kooky interloper with the same open and unguarded childlike naivete as Robin Williams’ beloved alien Mork …a hopeful message that somehow, the world just might end up a better place.”– LA Times

“Built around Thier’s dignity and gentle humor… she emanates charismatic warmth and seems genuinely engaged with the film’s theme of compassion in an era of despair”– Village Voice & LA Weekly

“It is a rare film that insinuates itself so gently into your consciousness, and then opens up like a stealth bomb inside your mind and heart”– Alliance of Women Film Journalists

“Her voice is an original and welcome addition to independent American cinema”– Following Films

“nothing short of extraordinary”– Wrath-bearing Tree (blog by and for US combat veterans)

“an ode to perseverance of the human spirit”– ScreenFish

“Ela Thier gives a spirited performance that’s a joy to watch in every scene. She has terrific comedic timing and panache …one of the most entertaining, provocative and original sci-fi films of the year”– NYC Movie Guru

“smart, entertaining indie …mixes comedy and science fiction to tell a story that resonates deeply in these unsettled times …clearly the work of a singular mindset”– Art for Progress

Simultaneously funny and tear-jerkingThe Advocate



Writer: Ela Thier / Producer: Ela Thier / Principal Cast: Ela Thier, Nabil Viñas / Contact: Ela Thier

THE DIRECTOR: Ela Thier wrote and directed the award-winning feature, “Foreign Letters”, distributed by Film Movement (2012). She wrote and directed “A Summer Rain”, a short film that screened at hundreds of venues world-wide, received numerous “Best Film” awards, and has received over 250,000 views on YouTube. Thier has directed over a dozen short films, including “Come Back Hailey”, “Top of The World”, “Judo Girl” and “Gentle Cycle Only”. She was co-writer on Puncture, starring Chris Evans (Fantastic Four, Captain America). The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and released by Millenium Films (2011). She wrote The Wedding Cow, a romantic comedy produced by Sudwestrundfunk, a major German TV network (2000). The film won eighteen international awards including four Best Feature and four Audience Choice awards. Among numerous recognitions, Thier received the prestigious Jerome Foundation Film Production Grant, she was a nominee for the White House Project Emerging Artist Award (2010), and she was a recipient of the NYFA fellowship award in screenwriting (2008). Thier teaches screenwriting and film directing in New York City under the alias of “The Independent Film School”.

 ELA THIER IS A POWERFUL NEW VOICE IN INDEPENDENT AMERICAN CINEMA. Susan Starkman, Programmer, Toronto Jewish Film Festival 

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