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Covid19 & Our Cinemas:

1. You must wear a Mask to attend. (*complimentary masks will be provided upon request as needed). All staff required to wear masks and gloves for concessions.

2. Every person will have their temperature read with Infrared Thermometer before entering.

3. Hand Sanitizing stations at available in lobby.

4. Plexi-Shields have been installed at the concession/box-office counters.

5. All doors blocked open.

6. Seats and rows have been blocked off to maintain distancing.

7. Please do not congregate – spread out.

8. We urge you to buy tickets online before attending.

9. We will restrict attendance to 30% of capacity.

10. UV Light we have added to all our Air Handlers at Savor (CPH already had them).

11. Electrostatic Sprayers used for sanitizing all areas as well as in between screenings to sanitize.

12. All theater areas are cleaned, sanitized on a daily basis for your safety.

Thank you to all the audience members who took this crisis seriously, and attended our cinemas wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and abiding to all our safety initiatives. We are now open at Cinema Paradiso Hollywood & Savor Cinema Fort Lauderdale. Our Virtual Cinema will continue.

Thanks again and see you at the #staysafecinemas !