The Millennium Club

Founded in 2006 by Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival member, John Mager, TMC seeks donors ready, willing and able to contribute funds to improve the physical structure, comforts and aesthetics of Cinema Paradiso.  Each member, upon joining, contributes $1000 to the Cinema.

Member Benefits

In return for your generous donation, you will receive:

  • Your name on a bronze plaque permanently attached to the exterior of the building.
  • Your name annually featured in the Film Festival catalog.

*All contributions are tax deductible.

Email INFO@FLIFF.COM to join.

Club Members

Elliot Cantor*
Cynthia & Dane Hancock*
John Mager******
Pam O’Hara*
John & Sally Boisseau*
Janet Schwartz*
Tom & Maryrose Mullane**
Dr Jules Oaklander
Coni & Milan Uselac*
Pat & Sandy McCallum*
Steven & Kim Naimoli*
Loyce I. Grigsby
Estelle Fineberg*
Betsy Cameron & Barry Smith*
Lawrence Oberman*
Betty Lakey-Smith*
Carla Dimaura*
Tom & Ginny Miller*
Nick & Molly St Cavish*

Beatriz & Al Miniaci**
Lynn Taylor & Glenn Friedt**
Diane Sobo*
Brian & Susan Brown*
Teri & Brian Pattullo*
Richard & Mimi Friedman*
Comerica Bank***
Jerry & Nicole Gray*
Mae Silver
Mark Wilton*
Dr Daryl Miller*
Michael & Cherene Deem*
Eileen Schneider*
M.E. DePalma*
William Kohn*
Marilyn Kramer*
Claudette Moritz***
Steve Savor*
Janet Schwartz***
“In Memory of Steve Ciancio”

Each member commits $1000.
The stars indicate additional $1,000 gifts.