Located in the heart of Downtown Fort Lauderdale, SAVOR Cinema, formerly Cinema Paradiso is the perfect venue for a wide range of events.

For more information, email MICHELLEF@FLIFF.COM or call (954) 525-3456 x 101.


Tell us your special needs and we will tailor an evening or afternoon just for your event: Parties, Social, Holiday, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversary, Reunion or any celebration.


Our unique and versatile theater makes a great location for: Meetings, Conferences, Presentations, Office Parties, Training, Speakers, Seminars, etc.


Cinema Paradiso & SAVOR Cinema are perfect for unique events: Weddings, Auctions, Rehearsal Hall, Dance, Show, Live Theater, Concerts, Benefits, Speaking Engagements, Wine Tastings, Seminars, etc.

Field trips also available all year long, matinees included!!

FLIFF Drive-in Cinema upon Special requests may be coordinated to Rent our Services to produce a Private Drive-in events or Fundraisers. Please contact Michelle 754-244-9996


Of course the heart of Cinema Paradiso & SAVOR Cinema are their roles as independent movie theaters. Everything from movie premieres to private movie viewing parties. All films shown on a rental basis at the theaters are for private screenings only, unless approved by theater management.

Cinema Paradiso & SAVOR Cinema are excellent for almost any type of entertainment: Weddings, Movies, Live Music, Live Comedy, Live Theater, Dinner Theater, Children’s Entertainment, Concerts, Television and MORE! Additional information on the theater’s live production capabilities is located on the renters agreement, which is available upon inquiry.


SAVOR Cinema theater features 216 plush fabric covered stadium seats, a full proscenium stage, and a complete lighting and sound system which includes: a 100 dimmer sensor control pack and an ETC Light board, and a 16 channel sound system capable of holding multiple inputs such as a CD or DVD player, and a digital tape deck.

Cinema Paradiso in Hollywood features 72 plush fabric seats, stadium seating and a complete lighting and sound system to include the criteria listed above.

The theatres also has full capability for showcasing quality films of various formats, including projectors to 35mm & 16mm films, and a 7,700 lumen Sanyo LCD projector to view videotapes, DVD’s, DigiBeta, BetaSP, Mini DV, DV, video CD’s, and XVGA computer presentations.

More questions PLEASE do not hesitate to Contact us anytime!!!