Since 1986, the Broward County Film Society has shared the beauty of independent cinema with South Florida through the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. More than 30 years later, The Film Society has leveraged the success of FLIFF to establish itself as one of five Major Cultural Institutions of Broward County. Read more about the history of FLIFF below.

SAVE THE DATE: 35th Annual FLiFF – November 5 – 22, 2020




We will have 44 new feature films plus a sprinkling of older films that you may have not seen. Almost all feature films will be shown in the cinemas as well as online. Here they are alphabetically. The Docs will spotlighted in Thursday’s blast. I have tried to find trailers for all, however, some not available, and others not subtitled. Rest assured, all foreign films will be subtitled in the cinemas and virtually.

***Opening Night Film***
USA / 120 min / Comedy
A washed up producer tries to collect insurance money by killing his cowboy star during the filming. Robert DeNiro as the producer, Zack Braff as his nephew & partner, Morgan Freeman as a crime boss putting the screws to DeNiro to collect on an old debt (which is the catalyst for the insurance scam), and Tommy Lee Jones as the cowboy. TRAILER
DINNER IN AMERICA USA / 106 min / Dark Comedy
In a dreary Midwestern suburb, aggro punk rocker Simon (Kyle Gallner) finds himself on the run again after a bout of arson and a close call with the police. A chance encounter with the eccentric Patty (Emily Skeggs) provides him a place to hide, though she fails to realize that her new friend is the anonymous lead singer of her favorite band. As the two embark on a series of misadventures, they realize they have a lot more in common than they first expected.
EAST OF MIDDLE WEST USA / 106 min / Drama-Thriller
A teenage runaway and a widowed father each fight to take matters into their own hands to redeem their dark past.
Made-In-Broward / 98 min /Thriller
Leonard Rothman has just graduated with a Masters in Business Finance and immediately receives a job as COO for a lucrative company, owned by business mogul Baron Styles. Leonard thinks he has the perfect job, but it turns out that his boss is a cold-bloodied killer..
When mysterious international film director Ross Griffin arrives in town to stage a play based on real events, the lives of retired NYC actors Mary Evans and her husband Gus Jacobs, along with close friends Grace and Murray will be upended as revelations from the past unfold. TRAILER
PUPPY LOVE USA / 109 min / Dark Comedy
The true story of a prophetic young dishwasher with brain-damage and a homeless prostitute who are brought together through obscene circumstances and embark on a perverse, yet strangely beautiful journey through the gutter. TRAILER
SMALL TOWN WISCONSIN sponsored by Promenade
USA / 105 min / Drama
Wayne is the most fun-loving, hardest-living party animal in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Just ask his favorite wingman, Tyler, who’s seen it all, lived it all, loved it all. Only problem? Tyler is Wayne’s nine-year-old son. So he plans a special weekend for his son to remember him by –– a trip to the big city of their dreams Milwaukee.
SOME SOUTHERN WATERS Florida / 79 min / Experimental
After his girlfriend’s death, an aimless musician spirals into a genre-bending fever dream.
USA / 83 min / Drama
Frank – a homeless alcoholic – lives a fruitless existence. All that begins to change when he finds a puppy that was left to die in a garb
7 HOURS TO WIN YOUR HEART Italy / 95 min / Comedy
Giulio, an alleged journalist, seems to be happy: A good job and an upcoming marriage. With the help of two women, Giulio will discover that falling in love is always a mystery.
sponsored by Betty Lakeysmith Poland / 103min / Historical Drama
Based on the autobiography by Stanislaw Ulam.
Cambridge, USA, 1942. Stan Ulam is a 30-year-old talented Polish Jewish mathematician, a good-looking bon vivant who is quick with a joke. Stan’s life becomes complicated when he loses his fellowship at Harvard but his best friend, the Hungarian genius Johnny von Neumann quickly offers him a mysterious job which takes him to New Mexico. Stan moves to Los Alamos with Françoise, his wife. Surrounded by young, eccentric, charismatic immigrant scientists Stan begins top secret work on a nuclear bomb that could potentially blow up the entire world. While desperately trying to help his sister flee Nazi occupied Poland, Stan teams up with Johnny to create the first computer giving birth to the digital age as Europe bursts into flames. TRAILER
THE BAREFOOT EMPEROR Belgium / 99 min / Comedy
Nicolas III, King of the Belgians, suffers a gunshot wound to the ear during an unfortunate incident in Sarajevo. He wakes up in a sanatorium on a Croatian island that once was Tito’s renowned summer residence. The King’s entourage tries in vain to protect him from the news that the recent implosion of their kingdom has sparked the collapse of the European Union. The fragile King demands to return home at once, but instead he is condemned to a strict regime of rest and rehabilitation by the authoritarian sanatorium director, Dr. Otto Kroll. A delegation from Vienna arrives headed by the distinguished Dr. Ilse von Stroheim, architect of a nationalist Nova Europa. She bears the thunderous news that the last King of the Belgians will become the first Emperor of Europe. The King, fed up with others determining his destiny, decides to take matters into his own hands. TRAILER
Beautiful Dreamer is a contemporary dramedy about a group of Bay Area friends in their early 40s navigating one of those life moments together: expecting a surrogate baby, a long and deep friendship in jeopardy, two women finally deciding to marry after years of living together, a novelist with crippling writer’s block. Capturing this next uncharted chapter of their extended family, Beautiful Dreamer explores the messy secrets and complicated nature of parenthood and the modern family, all the while testing the boundaries of love and friendship and the bioethics of surrogacy. TRAILER
BYE BYE MR EXTEBESTE Spain / 100 min / Comedy
Due to “health reasons”, Patrizio Etxebeste finds himself forced to give up his position as mayor. Determined not to lose his power over local politics, he names his wife, Maria Luisa, the town’s first female mayor. But Maria Luisa has no intention of being her husband’s puppet and quickly sets about changing the way things are run, throwing her marriage into turmoil in the process.
CAMBIO TUTTO sponsored by Audrey Caan
Italy / 94 min / Comedy
Giulia (40 yo) has a hectic daily routine in a big and stressful city. She has to deal everyday with her new and incompetent boss, her broke and freeloader partner, his teenage son, a best friend who doesn’t listen to her and keeps dreaming impossible love stories. Not to mention the unbearable scale, which scores every time the same weight although she’s always on a diet! On the verge of a nervous breakdown, Giulia decides to seek the advice of a bizarre life coach and try to get all these burdens off her chest. As soon as she steps out the counselor’s office, a real revolution happens inside her, and all the humiliation and anger held in for too long starts exploding out and loud without control. TRAILER
THE CURSE OF THE HANDSOME MAN Spain / 90 min / Comedy
Humberto, a lifelong trickster and seducer, is now living a quiet life in Madrid after having served time in prison for a scam that cost him his relationship with his son Jorge, who he hasn’t spoken to in years. After suffering a robbery in the jeweler’s where he works, Jorge, an honest, hardworking man, finds himself with no other choice than to ask his estranged father for help.
DAFFODILS New Zealand / 93 min / Romantic Drama Musical
Leaving her dying father’s bedside, singer Maisie rushes to perform at an indie music gig in town. But as she sings the opening song, it’s hard for her to ignore the heartfelt story she’s just been told – the story of how her dad met and fell in love with her mother, and how it all devastatingly fell apart. As the night goes on, we see the love story of Eric and Rose through Maisie’s eyes. From the time they meet in Hamilton in 1966 to their separation in the 1980s, we follow the bittersweet nuances of a couple’s life, expressed with contemporary re-imaginings of iconic hit songs of New Zealand. TRAILER
THE DOG SNATCH Italy / 93 min / Dark Comedy
On their first day as dog sitters, Rana and Marti lose a rich lady’s French bulldog they were looking after at. The girls realize the dog has been stolen by a phony vet who calls himself Dr. Mopsi. Who’s this man and why he kidnapped the dog? It will be necessary to investigate his past to find out
ENORMOUS France / 101 min / Comedy
Claire is a world-renowned prodigy pianist. She travels the world, assisted and pampered by Fréderic her husband – agent – coach – PA. They are in perfect harmony: they don’t want children. However, after witnessing a surprise childbirth during a Paris-New York flight, an unexpected desire for parenthood arises in Frederic. TRAILER
Bruno Salvati is a director with little success who’s just separated from his wife Anna, with whom he had two children. Following a sudden illness, Bruno is diagnosed with disease that requires a donor…
FIDELITY Russian Federation / 82 min / Sexual Drama
Lena is a talented obstetrician and gynecologist, and her husband Sergey is an actor in a provincial theater. Their relationship is tender and close, but totally devoid of sex. Lena suspects that Sergey is having an affair, but she suffers silently without letting her jealousy show. Instead of finding out what is going on, Lena starts cheating on him with random men. Slowly but surely, Lena’s acts of infidelity spin out of control, re-writing her life. TRAILER
HEROIC LOSERS Argentina / 115 min /Drama
Argentina, December 2001. A group of friends and neighbors pool together all of their savings to reactivate an agricultural cooperative and the economy of their small town. The day after they deposit the group’s money in the bank, Argentina’s banking system collapses, and they lose it all. But they soon find out that they are not only victims of the country’s crisis, they have been scammed by an unscrupulous lawyer and bank manager who were poised to take advantage of the situation. TRAILER
HOTEL BELGRADE Serbia / 107 min / Comedy
Pasha, a Serbian womanizer and entertainer, owns a luxurious hotel in Belgrade. He lives carelessly until one day he accidentally breaks a mafa kingpin’s new collectable that is worth a few millions. To cover the debt the mafa kingpin makes Pasha marry his daughter. While the girl is preparing to the wedding with the charming hotelier, Pasha by chance meets his Russian love Dasha he has not seen for 4 years. Their love is about to flare up in the romantic atmosphere of the ancient city… but for the future father-in-law, a real husband, a blind grandad and a friend with no money. TRAILER
HOW TO BE A GOOD WIFE sponsored by Belinda Ulbrich
France / 108 min / Musical Comedy
Paulette Van Der Beck (Juliette Binoche) and her husband have been running a homemakers institute in Bœrsch, Alsace, for many years. Their mission is to train teenage girls to become perfect housewives at a time when women were expected to submit to their husbands.
When her husband suddenly dies, Paulette takes over and discovers that the school is on the verge of bankruptcy. But while preparations are underway for the best homemaking competition sponsored by a popular TV show, she and her lively students start questioning their beliefs as the nationwide protests of May 1968 transform society around them. Reunited with her first love, André, and with the help of her eccentric sister-in-law Gilberte (Yolande Moreau) and a stern nun Marie-Therese (Noémie Lvovsky), Paulette joins forces with her pupils to overcome their subservient status and become liberated women.
How to Be a Good Wife is a humorous and satirical take on a universal story about solidarity and gender equality.TRAILER
HOW TO MAKE OUT France / 98 min / Coming of Age Comedy
Arthur, 15 years old, has the hots for Ouassima, who ignores him…
He’s never made out with a girl, and she’s going out with Matt, the hottest guy in school. Arthur decides to get closer to her by getting a bunch of single losers together so she can teach them how to make out, 10 euros a lesson. And so begins a long, intimate learning process in the local pool’s changing rooms: group tutoring on “Girls and Love: A Manual for Dummies”. TRAILER
I HATE SUMMER Italy / 108 min / Comedy
The rules for a perfect vacation: never set off without taking your rubber dinghy with you, never set off leaving your dog behind, and -most important- never book the same summerhouse together with other people. Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo are leaving for summer holidays, they don’t know each other, and their lives and families could not be more different: the fussy and meticulous guy, whose business activity is however disastrous; the successful doctor struggling with a son in teenage crisis; the deadbeat hypochondriac with a dog called Brian and a passion for Massimo Ranieri. Three very distant ways of life, accidentally meeting on a small island off the Italian coast: same beach, same seaside, but especially same rented house. The clash is unavoidable and very amusing: different habits, two of the children falling in love, the three wives starting off with wrong foot but ending up dancing together in a summer evening – and three recent friends chasing a son on the run. Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo tell us a story about friendship and feelings, as in their most beloved and esteemed film tradition. TRAILER
INTO DAD’S WOODS France / 90 min / Drama
Gina, 15, has grown up in a loving family who lives on the edge of a forest. She admires her father, Jimmy, an unpredictable, whimsical man whose constant excesses and extravagance she readily forgives. Until the day when the situation becomes unbearable: Jimmy tips over the edge and the family’s fragile balance is shattered. Unable to understand the situation and in a period of rebellion, Gina teams up with a teenager from her neighborhood to save her father. TRAILER
JUST LIKE A WOMAN France / 86 min / Comedy
Eleonore Berthier, 34 years old, keeps living as a teenager, collecting odd jobs and one night stands. Following a burnout, her mother and sister decide to take action to help her make a fresh start. TRAILER
LA DEA FORTUNA Italy / 114 min / Drama
Alessandro and Arturo have been together for over 15 years and, despite the feeling they still have for each other, their relationship is now at crisis. When Alessandro’s best friend, out of the blue, asks them to take care of her two kids for a few days, something changes in their daily routine and love will drive them to a crazy and unexpected turn in their life. TRAILER
LES PARFUMS sponsored by Hank Cairo
France / 101 min / Bittersweet Comedy
Anne Walberg is a master in perfumes. She creates fragrances and sells her incredible gift to many companies. She is a diva, selfish and temperamental. Guillaume is her new driver and the only one who
dares facing her. This is probably why she does not fire him. TRAILER
THE LUNCHROOM Argentina / 78 min / Drama
For 30 years Lila has been a cleaner in a provincial municipality building. She’s an important figure in the office’s carefully knit society because of the unofficial staff cafeteria, which she runs together with her friend Marcela. When Lila gets the opportunity to refurbish the lunchroom and run it officially as the boss, this sudden elevation of her status causes Marcela’s envy and starts a slow decay of the office’s delicate status quo. TRAILER
MOSSAD Israel / 95 min / Comedy
The Mossad and CIA team up to save the world from the “Really Bad Guys” terrorist organization. After an American tech-billionaire is kidnapped in Israel, the Mossad rushes to save him while the CIA send their best agent to help out. The Mossad agent and the CIA agent must work together even though they conflict like everything else in the Middle East. Should they fail at saving the world, the retiring director of the Mossad will lose his chance to light a torch in the Independence Day torch-lighting ceremony. TRAILER
NIGHT OF THE BEAST Colombia / 70 min / Comedy Coming of Age
Using some of Iron Maiden’s most famous tracks, such as Aces High or The Trooper, Mauricio Leiva Cock tells the story of two young metalheads coasting aimlessly through Bogota’s alleys on the day of Iron Maiden’s first-ever concert in Colombia. Their day is wrecked and their friendship is tested when hoodlums steal their most valued possession: the tickets to see their favorite band perform live. TRAILER
NIGHTLIFE German / 110 min / Comedy
Bartender Milo (Elyas M‘Barek) meets the woman of his dreams Sunny (Palina Rojinski) in a fateful moment and arranges to go on a date. Everything seems to be running smoothly, but when Milo‘s chaotic friend Renzo (Frederick Lau) turns up, the romantic evening escalates into an absolutely mad chase through Berlin‘s nightlife pursued by some underworld thugs. However, nothing will shake Milo and Sunny‘s love if they can survive this date…TRAILER
NIGHT SHIFT France / 95 min / Crime Drama
From acclaimed director Anne Fontaine and featuring Omar Sy and Virginie Efira, Night Shift follows a police brigade on duty as their individual stories, professional ethics and personal convictions collide on an unsettling night that will change their lives forever. TRAILER
PADRENOSTRO Italy / 120 min / Historical Drama
Rome, 1976. Valerio is ten years old and has a lively imagination. His life as a child is turned upside down when, he and his mother witness an attack on his father Alfonso (Top Cop in Rome’s Antiterrorism Division) by a terrorist group. From that moment on, fear and a sense of vulnerability leave a dramatic mark on the feelings of the whole family. But it is precisely in those difficult days that Valerio gets to know Christian, a boy not much older than him. Solitary, rebellious and shameless, he seems to have appeared out of nowhere. That meeting, in a summer filled with discoveries, will change their lives forever. TRAILER
Márta Vizy (Natasa Stork) is a 39-year-old Hungarian neurosurgeon. After 20 years in the United States, she returns to Budapest for a romantic rendezvous at the Liberty Bridge with János (Viktor Bodó), a fellow doctor she met at a conference in New Jersey. Márta waits in vain, while the love of her life is nowhere to be seen. When she finally tracks him down, the bewildered man claims the two have never met. TRAILER
Brazil / 101 min / Historical Suspense Drama
True Story: In the 90’s, a mother looks for her missing son, and finds farms with slave labor practice in the Amazon region. TRAILER
THE RED COLLAR France / 83 min / WWI War Mystery
In 1919, in a small town under the crushing heat of
summer, a war hero is held prisoner in an abandoned
barracks. Outside, his mangy dog barks night and day.
Not far off in the countryside, an extraordinarily intelligent young woman works the land, waiting and hoping. A judge whose principles have been sorely shaken by the war is coming to sort out this case of which it is better not to speak. Three characters. In their midst, a dog that holds the key to their destinies and this intriguing plot. TRAILER
SHIVA BABY USA / 76 min / Comic Drama
At a Jewish funeral service with her parents, a college student runs into her sugar daddy. In writer-director Emma Seligman’s hilarious, sneakily eruptive debut feature “Shiva Baby,” the acerbic Danielle is many things: an East Coast college senior majoring in gender studies; a young, bisexual Jewish woman; a sugar baby testing out the transactional powers of her sexuality. That last slice of her identity is a leap, but it’s the one we get to encounter first. TRAILER
TAKEOVER Germany / 83 min / Family
The 18-years old Danny and Ludwig come from two completely different worlds: Ludwig leads the life of a wealthy son, whilst the musical talent Danny needs to count every penny. When they accidently meet for the first time at a big leisure park, they immediately realize one major similarity – They look the exact same. After their instant confusion they use this to their benefit and immerse themselves into each of their different lives: Now Ludwig relishes in the solidarity of Danny’s warm-hearted family, while Danny has an unexpected and luxurious time off during which he can practice for his upcoming song contest performance. It is not long before the first problems arise and their Identity swap gets out of control . TRAILER
THREE BEDROOMS Florida / 60 min / Drama
A family of four stays back while a hurricane passes through Florida; as the family falls into disarray, dark secrets come to light, and as one storm hits, another one makes itself known in the household.
The story follows a twenty-seven year old Tyler as he visits his girlfriend’s, Ella, family’s house in Fort Lauderdale. Donna, the middle aged mother whose desire to be popular has not left its high school years, and Beth, the quiet seventeen year old high school senior, greet the couple. From the get-go, Tyler witnesses uncomfortable dinner conversations, awkward encounters, and untold family secrets.
UNDER THE STARS OF PARIS sponsored by HEAL THE PLANET French / 93 min / Drama
Christine’s life has not been easy lately. Her lonely routine is divided between free food banks distributions and wandering the streets of Paris. On a cold winter night, she finds Suli, an 8-year-old Burkinabé boy, sobbing in front of her shelter. Christine understands that he is lost and has been separated from his mother. Bounded by their marginal condition, they embark together on an emotional journey full of tenderness to find Suli’s mother in the underground world of Paris. TRAILER
WOMAN OF THE PHOTOGRAPHS Japan / 88 min / Drama
A beautiful woman and model with a huge and ugly scar on her body. She asks Kai if he can erase the scar in her photographs of herself and create a perfect and flawless body by his retouching skills. Kyoko is fascinated by her new perfect looks in her photographs. At the same time, she is hesitant to show the world and her fans her ideal figures as in her photographs or to show her real self, scars and all. She is torn between the two selves and falls into confusion. Kai feels that only he can salvage Kyoko from her anguishes, and he is determined to love her at all costs, even if it means death to him.

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Elizabeth Graber is an accomplished acting coach,casting director/producer, manager and actress. She was trained by The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, UCLA, and SUNY. Now based in Boca Raton, she is a private acting coach, training performers from ages 5 to100+. For over 20 years, Elizabeth has been a successful casting director, in cities throughout the USA including Los Angeles, California and New York, NY. Among her castings are projects for NBC, Universal, HGTV, SyFy Channel, ABC and Fox to name a few. She has worked with a top talent manager in New York City, submitting actors for projects. As an actress her experience ranges across film,TV, theater and commercial projects including Die Hard with a Vengeance, Baywatch, Steel Magnolias and a national Pontiac campaign.


Christine Grund kick-started her passion in film and television immediately after her graduation from Cornell University (Magna Cum Laude!) in 1996 as a member of FLIFF’s Public Relations Team. She went onto earn a Masters of Fine Arts in Film Production at FSU where she won a Student Emmy for her Thesis Film, Jimbo’s A Comin’. She set her sights on Hollywood, producing TV for 15 years & now serving as a Co-Executive Producer. She not only finds great stories; she brings them to life. She has produced a variety of unscripted and documentary shows for Major Cable & Primetime Networks such as Showtime, YouTube, FOX, NBC, ABC, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel, Lifetime & more. Her shows run the gamut from legal, medical, survival, travel, competition, and music series.


Dr. Judith Guskin has been a professor, documentary filmmaker, activist, and lover of film. While at the U. of Michigan earning an MA in Comparative Literature, she organized a student group to support candidate JFK’s interest in a Peace Corps. She worked in DC to set up the Peace Corps and later AmeriCorps, then joined the Peace Corps and taught at a major university in Bangkok. This motivated her to return to UM for a PhD in Psychology and Education. She has consulted with schools concerned with refugees, desegregation, bilingual education, language learning and cultural identity. She helped establish national organizations, and has produced/ directed documentaries funded by Depts of Education. She took courses at UCLA in filmmaking and has taught documentary filmmaking, communication courses, and educational courses.


TivMagnussois an Academy Award winning Danish Producer who began making films in 1980. Over his 39-year career he has produced 88 films, and currently has two films in production and two in development. Among his many titles is THE ISLAND ON BIRD STREET (a true holocaust story set in the 1943 Poland in a Jewish ghetto where an 11 yr old boy hid alone from the Nazis as the rest of his community were sent to the concentration camp). Tivi is the co-founder of the Danish Film Academy, a Board member of the European Script Fund and a voting member of both the European Film Academy and The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences.


Mariah Reed, a Broward College tenured faculty member, directs plays and teaches voice and acting classes. She toured the nation as a lead actress with the National Shakespeare Company and afterwards appeared in a number of Off and Off-off Broadway productions, touring theatre presentations, and independent films. One of her assignments brought her to Florida where she founded two Equity theatre companies (the New River Repertory and The Drama Center). Mariah has also written several musicals and plays that have been produced to much acclaim. In her free time, Mariah is a voice and dialect coach for professional actors, film and television projects, and professional theatre presentations. She is a proud member of AEA, and SAG/AFTRA, and certified to teach Meisner Acting Technique by Larry Silverberg’s True Acting Institute.


Martin Rosenthal holds a BS in Psychology with a minor in TV/Film production. He      trained  as an Actor/Director taking classes with Lee Strasberg in “Method Acting and Theory,” and spent 2 years with Broad-way/ Film Director Milton Katselas in his NY Master class in Directing/Acting. Rosenthal then went on to Columbia University on a partial assistantship for an MFA with Milos Forman as his mentor in Film Directing as well as Andrew Sarris for Film History and Criticism. Rosenthal went on to direct film and theater in NY and LA. He also taught Acting for the Camera at The AFI, Directing the Narrative Film at The School of Visual Arts in NYC and Film Production/Direction/Aesthetics/and History at the professorial level at The City University of NY.


Charlie Smith is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer with over twenty five years of experience as a producer, director and on-air talent. Charlie has worked on productions for Sidney Poitier, Puff Daddy, Ricky Martin, Lenny Kravitz, Quest Love & the Roots, Joss Stone, Betty Wright, Johnny Rotten, Sugar Hill Gang, Rita Marley, Philip Michael Thomas, Arrested Development, Gloria Estefan, Sony, CBS, Associated Press, Atlantic Records, EMI, Universal Records, VH1, Molson Beer, Columbia Records,The Discovery Channel, MTV, FIFA, Sundance Channel, Bad Boy Entertainment, BET, HD Net, Videofashion, E! Entertainment Television, KFC, FHM Magazine, Virgin Records, S-Curve Records, The Related Group, The Bahamas Ministry Of Tourism, The National Black Chamber of Commerce, The Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce, Bimini Bay Resorts and Keo Films.




The Broward County Film Society was founded June 3, 1986 to introduce independent cinema to a South Florida audience base of more than four and a half million people.

In 1987 the Festival was named one of seven original Vital Cultural Institutions of the State of Florida by the legislature, the Governor and the Florida Arts Council.

The Festival named Gregory von Hausch Executive Director in 1989.  That year the festival also created a Florida Student Film Competition that featured cash prizes.  Eastman Kodak launched its annual Educational Seminars Series.  Special guests included Michael Moore and Lynn Redgrave.

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In 1990 the Festival became a three week event taking place from Miami to Boca Raton.  Martin Scorsese presented our Student Film Awards.  Guests included Marlo Thomas and Darren McGavin. In 1991 the Festival launched Lifetime Achievement Awards and honored Peter Bogdanovich, Mark Rydell, Donald O’Connor, Vincent Price, Van Johnson and Burt Reynolds.  Guest presenters included Prof. Richard Brown of AMC’s REFLECTIONS ON A SILVER SCREEN, Charles Durning, and Patrick O’Neal. Guests included Claude Atkins, Alan Rickman, and Samuel Z. Arkoff.  Ginny Miller and Gale Butler launched Entre Nous the support committee for the Film Festival.

In 1992, the Festival presented a special retrospective for honoree Audrey Hepburn. Other guests included Vincent Price, Jennifer Beals, Alexandre Rockwell, Les Blank and Matthew Harrison. 1992 also marked our first year of screening IMAX film.  Other guests that year included Elliot Gould and Edward James Olmos.

In 1993 the Festival’s student film competition went national.  Students from Yale, USC, North Carolina, NYU, UCLA, Florida State Univ. and Columbia won awards.  An Art On Film documentary series was added to the program list as was an Academy Award Documentary series.  Guests included Ashley Judd, Elisabeth Shue, and Roger Corman received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Picking Up Steam

The 1994 Festival exceeded the combined cash receipts of the ’92 and ’93 festivals. More than 35,000 people attended the event which proved to be a major coup as Tropical Storm Gordon roared in and remained through the first five days of the festival.  Regardless the festival produced more sell-outs than anytime in its short nine year history.  The festival  also presented six U.S. premieres and one world premiere.  Festival films ended up on several top 10 lists. Special guests included Treat Williams, Shane Black (Lethal Weapon) and Martin Donovan.

The Festival has held a reception every year in Cannes since 1991, as well as a Los Angeles reception at American Film Market.  This event provides an opportunity for west coast media to be updated on Festival dates and special events. Cannes serves the world entertainment media.

In 1995 the Festival launched the first ever Film Festival in the Sky with Carnival Air Lines (every Fort Lauderdale-bound Carnival flight included a Festival film).  An unprecedented Media Reception at JFK and a subsequent press conference at 30,000 feet, aboard a special flight to FTL made cinema history as well.  Special guests included Michael Caine, Roger Moore, Dana Delany, JT Walsh, Mia Sara, Tim Reid, Jason Connery, Jon Cryer and Gregory Hines.

In ’96 the Festival featured 110 films from 30 countries and drew  57,000 admissions.  Guests included 100 celebrities, including Tony Curtis, Giancarlo Esposito, Noah Taylor (Shine) and Kevin Spacey.

The 1997 Festival honored director Robert Wise (West Side Story, Sound of Music), Arthur Hiller, Ben Gazzara, Peter Bogdanovich, Gena Rowlands, Nick Nolte, Leonard Rosenman, Amanda Plummer, Fairuza Balk and Robert Forster.

In January of 1998, the Film Society was named the fifth inductee as a Broward Major Cultural Institution as designated by the Broward Cultural Affairs Council.  The other organizations are the Florida Philharmonic, Florida Grand Opera, Museum of Discovery and Science, and Museum of Art.  The Film festival broke all records with 62,000 attendees.  Special guests included John Frankenheimer, David Arquette, Christina Applegate and many others.  17 world premieres and over 120 films from 35 countries were featured in 300 screenings.

The 1999 Film Festival attracted over 66,000 attendees throughout South Florida as well as from around the world.  The festival presented over 120 films including world and national premieres. Among those premieres was GREY OWL,  a true historical drama starring Pierce Brosnan, and directed by Lord Richard Attenborough.  The film screened prior to our Opening Night Gala, and Lord Attenborough was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award on-stage at Parker Playhouse.  Closing the Festival at our Luminaries Black Tie Gala were special guests Norman Jewison, Eva Marie Saint, Kelly McGillis, Lukas Haas and Tim Roth.  The Festival moved into its first official, year-round home, the former Vinnette Carroll Theatre.  The 200 seat, three-quarter horseshoe shaped auditorium, originally built as a church, then renovated as a live performing arts theatre in 1986, needed much repair as well as retro-fitting for film.

The New Milennium

In January of 2000, the Festival, in partnership with the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, presented a four day millennium-cinema celebration.  On four successive days, Cinema Paradiso presented films from the 60’s, 80’s and 90’s. The 15th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival ran from October 16 – November 12, 2000, once again claiming the distinction of the world’s longest film festival.  Special guests included Peter Falk, John Waters, Howard Keel, Rob Morrow and director George Sidney (Bye Bye Birdie, Kiss Me Kate, Showboat, Viva Las Vegas, Annie Get Your Gun).  Over 66,000 people attended.  A Cultural Facility Grant to the State was voted the 13th most important of 66 projects and funded just under $200,000.  A campaign raising the match of $400,000 began, as did a three stage renovation.

In January of 2001, Cinema Paradiso officially opened.  An intensive Capitol Campaign is now underway.  The lobby and restrooms have been renovated and refurbished.  New drapes have been made and hung in the auditorium.  The infrastructure allowing us to retrofit the theatre as a movie cinema has been completed.  The administrative offices have been completed.  The exterior has been painted.  The courtyard has been built and landscaped.  Exterior low voltage, high intensity lamps have been installed.  The remaining items call for new seats, painting of the interior of the auditorium, new carpeting, and an exterior marquee.  From January thru August over 350 screenings have taken place.  In February we began a nine week intensive filmmaking course at Northeast High School.  Their original production went on to win the Miami Children’s Film Festival.

In June we launched LOCAL FILMMAKER NIGHT, providing up and coming filmmakers with opportunities to screen their movies. In July we began Movies in the Park at DDA Plaza, presenting free films for families.  The 16th Annual Fort Lauderdale Int’l Film Festival ran October 17 – November 11 in Miami, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach and Fort Lauderdale.  Special guests included Jonathan Silverman, Paul Mazursky, Paul Sorvino, Lorri Bagley, Peter Hewitt, and Laura Frasier.  The event took place primarily at the Las Olas Riverfront and represented their biggest 12 day event ever.


Cinema Paradiso finished its renovation in August of 2002. New seats, seating areas, platter, screen, sound system (Dolby Digital), carpeting, handicap bathroom, painting, and cafe equipment were installed or constructed.  A weekly outdoor movie was launched at Beach Place as was a monthly program at Weston.  The 17th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival took place from October 18 – November 24th, 2003. Special guests included Matt Damon, Leslie Nielsen, Steve Guttenberg, Irvin Kershner, Maria Bello and more than 150 independent filmmakers around the world.

The 18th FLIFF ran from October 17 – November 16, 2003.  A new format was utilized, using Cinema Paradiso (October 17- November 16, 2003) for Sunshine Celluloid, American Indies, Shorts, and Documentaries; and Parker Playhouse for the World Cinema and Competition screenings (November 7 – 16).  Special guests included Nestor Carbonell (Star on the Horizon recipient), Jacqueline Bisset and Sir Ben Kingsley (both Career Achievement recipients).

The 19th FLIFF began on October 14 and ran through November 21, 2004.  Special guests in attendance were: Andrew McCarthy, Fred Willard, Christopher McDonald, Cara Buono plus filmmakers from Nepal, South Korea, India, Sweden, Scotland, France, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Canada, and throughout the US.  Venues and cities included: Weston, Coral Gables, Delray Beach, Sunrise, and Fort Lauderdale.  Other outreach cities were Highlands North Carolina, Key West, Seaside, Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, and Labelle.  In December we launched the 1st Annual CAN Film Festival for Charity, which presented five Christmas films. The price of admission was two cans of food or one new toy per attendee, with the proceeds benefiting The Broward Partnership for the Homeless and The Haitian Relief Effort.   We also began a monthly film for The City of Hollywood.

The 20th FLIFF began on October 14 and ran through November 20, 2005.  Special guests in attendance were: Arthur Penn, Irene Cara, Josh Jackson, Michael Moore, Kyle Schmidt, Veronica Cartwright, and Christian Kane.  This was the year of Hurricane Wilma.  On October 24th one week into the fest, Hurricane Wilma slammed into Fort Lauderdale.  On Sunday, the night before, we concluded our last screening of the night at 9pm.  As the audience left Cinema Paradiso, the wind was howling through the streets.  Little did we know, in less than eight hours, half of the School Board building would be in our Courtyard.  Our stained glass windows were knocked out and torrents of rain poured over the projector, sound board and festival’s 35mm films.  All infrastructure was knocked out in east Ft Lauderdale and would remain that way for most of the next eight days.

However, by Friday morning power was restored to Cinema Paradiso.  By 6pm that evening, we were showing films.  People flocked to CP for escape, air conditioning, a cold bottle of water or a beer, and yes, even hot showers.  Halloween fell exactly one week after Wilma knocked out the city.  FLIFF created a Haunted House, a pumpkin patch, gave free horse-drawn hayrides along the river, held scream & costume contests onstage, showed Halloween films and cartoons for kids’ and somehow, over 600 children and their parents found their way to our doors that evening. FLIFF, without one major corporate sponsor, literally saved Halloween for those families with nowhere to go that dark, humid evening in October.

The 21st FLIFF opened on October 20, 2006 with VOLVER at Parker Playhouse with over 1800 people trying to get into one of Parker’s 1200 seats.  Special guests in attendance were: Ian Ziering, Joe Pantoliano, Ernie Hudson, Mel Stuart, Connie Francis, Wil Shriner and Trevor Morgan. VOLVER was named Best Film; CANVAS won the Audience Award; BIG BAD SWIM won Best American Indie.  During this time we also launched our Weston Foreign Film Series.

The 22nd FLIFF opened on Oct 15, 2007 and ran through Nov 11. Special guests were: Eric Roberts, DB Sweeney, Richard Kind, Dennis Farina, Keith David, Davy Jones, Douglas Spain, Sarah Jones, Mary Stuart Masterson, Gary Sinise, Frank Whaley, Edgar Mitchell and Stephen Baldwin.

The 23rd FLIFF opened on Oct 15, 2008 and ran through Nov 11. Special guests were: Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Richard Chamberlain, Giancarlo Esposito, Jane Lynch, Alexie Gilmore, John Ratzenberger, Brandon Routh.

The 24th FLIFF opened on Oct 23, 2009 and ran through Nov 11. Special guests were: Matthew Broderick, Michelle Monaghan, Kevin McCarthy, Michael Jai White, Joyce DeWitt.  FLIFF became the only film fest in the State to win funding from the Florida Arts Council.  FLIFF also learned it was one of the very few Knights Arts partnerships to be funded in 2010.

The 25th FLIFF opened on Oct 22, 2010 and ran through November 11. Special Guests were: Edward Burns, Michael Murphy, Claire Bloom, Jimmy Bennett, Jane Russell, Leslie Caron, and David Keith.  The Festival also launched its partnership with Grand Bahama Island with a screening of BENEATH THE BLUE on November 8th.

Earlier in the year, the Film Society produced AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 NIGHTS, during which we celebrated 80 different countries on 80 separate evenings, with music, food, fashion and film from the selected countries.  The screenings were free of charge, and FLIFF partnered with groups whose roots sprung from the selected countries to provide the food at a modest charge, which benefited the partners exclusively.

The 26th FLIFF ran Oct 21 – Nov 22, 2011.  We honored Dennis Farina, Piper Laurie, Sen. George McGovern, Penelope Ann Miller, Dennis. Haysbert, Larry Mullen, Jr. and Beau Bridges. FLIFF On-Location: Grand Bahama Island ran Oct 27 – 30 and was the first ever film fest on the island.  Our filmmakers overnighted on the Bahamas Celebration for the cruise to GBI.  The fest was presented at Pelican Bay Resort, plus a huge Opening Night Party at Smith Point with a free outdoor screening of BENEATH THE BLUE, filmed on and around GBI.

The 27th FLIFF ran October 19- Nov 11, 2012.  Honored guests included James Caan, Carroll Baker, Giancarlo Esposito, and Bailee Madison.

The 28th FLIFF ran Oct 18 – Nov 11, 2013.  Honored guests included Ann Margret,Ed Asner, Tab Hunter, Lea Thompson, Anna Paquin, Finola Hughes, Pauly Cohen, William Grefe, Guy Harvey,Ben Stassen, Hannah Tointon, Jonas Armstrong, John Shea, Bruce Dern, and Flora Spencer-Longhurst. The French Minister of Culture presented FLIFF President, Gregory von Hausch with the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres for his contributions in presenting French Cinema.

The 29th FLIFF ran Oct 10 – 16 (with Focus On Romania) and Nov 7 – 23, 2014.  Honored guests included Jason Alexander, George Hamilton, Mike Downey, Daniel Baldwin, Stephen Daldry, Pamela Shaw, Sen. Bob Graham, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Clara Mamet.

The 30th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLiFF)

During the 30th anniversary year, November 6-22, 2015 FLiFF showcased a dynamic selection of more than 150 films from American Independent and World Cinema. Studded with exciting competitions and awards, the seventeen-day cinematic celebration overflows with entertaining, audience pleasing films, dazzling Red Carpet Premieres, a brunch cruise, parties, Galas and a stellar guest list  of celebrities and filmmakers.   The festival launched with three opening night films:  WHERE TO INVADE NEXT, JACO with guests, the Jaco Pastorius family, director David Marchand and producer, Metallica’s bassist, Robert Trujillo and the World Premiere of THE BOAT BUILDER with guests Christopher Lloyd and filmmakers.  And, the fest kept the momentum going with world cinema paired with food, drink and music from the country and guests at films and parties including:  Loretta Swit/NEVER THE SAME, Gil Bellows & Tony Pantages/3 DAYS IN HAVANA, Jack McGee/SILVER SKIES, Candy Clark/AMERICAN GRAFFITI, Estelle Parsons/BONNIE AND CLYDE, plus Ed Harris, and Victor Nunez at A FLASH OF GREEN and joined by Amy Madigan at the FLiFF Awards Gala.

FLIFF 2016, FLIFF31 We honored Talia Shire, Beverly D’Angelo, Robin Thomas, Robert Schwartzman, Hernan Guerschuny, Bailee Madison, Arlene Dahl, and Martin Landau. and…Cinema Paradiso Lauderdale becomes Savor Cinema.

FLIFF 2017 FLIFF32 Burt Reynolds
FLIFF does benefits for the Caribbean islands devastated by Hurricane Irma.

We honored Burt Reynolds, Graham Greene, Adam Rifkin and Karen Allen.

FLIFF 2018 FLIFF32 We provided benefit screenings for United Way of Northwest Florida – Hurricane Michael Relief; St Damian’s Pediatric Hospital of Haiti; Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association; United Community Options – Broward Cerebral Palsy; Hispanic Unity – DACA; and OutShine Film Fest.

We honored Melora Hardin, Paul Lieberstein, Gary Ross, and Cindy Morgan. And Steve Savor produces CADDYSHACK Extravaganza at Ft Lauderdale Country Club.


FLIFF 2019 FLIFF34 celebrated Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary with a Free Outdoor screening of the film.
We honored Marco Leonardi, Joe Pantoliano, Rene Auberjonois, Radha Mitchell, Diane Baker, Justin Long, Natalie Oreiro, Peter Riegert, Talia Shire & Diego Torres, Sergio Novelli
FLIFF 2020 is providing Free Memberships to Health Care Workers (doctors, nurses, para medics, techs, aides, admissions, janitorial, food service, volunteers, et al), Teachers (admin, aides, janitorial, food service), grocery workers, librarians (Dave asked us), artists (sure, why not).
FLIFF has Free Short Films for everyone + Free features for FLIFF members, that you can view on your computer.

35th Annual FLiFF – November 5 – 22, 2020


  • Highest-Rated Film Festival in the State of Florida (Florida Arts Council)
  • One of five Major Cultural Institutions (Broward Cultural Council)
  • Only film festival in the South to receive four major grants from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
  • Winner of The Moretti Award for Artistic Excellence
  • Longest Film Festival in the world (Guinness Book of World Records)
  • Biggest motion picture event in the South.
  • Named by Variety as one of the top hot festivals in the nation.
  • Named one of the top destination film festivals in the United States by Movie Maker Magazine
  • Cinema Paradiso, FLIFF’s year-round art house, has been named Best Art Theatre in South Florida by New Times BPB, City Link, and Boca Raton Magazine.
  • Based on a study performed by The University of South Florida, FLIFF’s economic impact on Broward County is in excess of 20 million dollars

All You Need to Know to Attend FLIFF

FLiFF takes place from November 5 – 22, 2020. Choose your films & events and call the box office at 954-525-FILM to order tickets in advance. For directions to the event, recommended hotel accommodations and more information, click here

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