Opportunity is calling...

The most unique difference between entering FLIFF and your ordinary film festival, is opportunity. When you submit your film to FLIFF, you are automatically entered for consideration into:

34th Annual FLIFF November 1-17, 2019.


June 1st – Early Deadline – Best Discount
July 1st – Deadline
August 1st – Final Deadline


Professional Features

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June 1 – $40

July 1 – $45

August 1 – $50

Professional Documentaries

Professional Short Subject

June 1 – $40

July 1 – $45

August 1 – $50

June 1 – $30

July 1 – $35

August 1 – $40

College Films

College Categories

  • Short (SS) Under 20 minutes
  • Long Narrative (SN) 20 minutes or longer
  • Documentary (SD) Any length
  • Animation (SA) Any length

July 1 – $20

Sept 1 – $25

High School Films

High School entries should not exceed 10 minutes. However, some exceptions will be made at the discretion of the Festival Administration.

July 1 – $15

Aug 1 – $15

Q: How do I send my film in for consideration?

A: To submit a film to FLIFF, send us a DVD in a padded envelope. Make sure you don’t put a paper sticker on your DVD and you don’t send your package signature required.


Q: Can I withdraw my film once I’ve already submitted it?

A: No. Once a film is submitted it cannot be withdrawn from consideration. If a film is selected for acceptance into the official program, it cannot be withdrawn for any reason by the filmmaker.


Q: I made a mistake when submitting my information, what can I do?

A: If a film is submitted with incorrect, erroneous or false information, FLIFF reserves the right to disqualify the film from consideration. The entry fee will not be returned.


Q: Where can I see the entries that have been accepted?

A: FLIFF will post the accepted entries on its Facebook page. This may constitute the only form of acknowledgment for those not accepted.


Q: I sent my entry on the day of the deadline. Will my film be considered?

A: All entries must be received, not postmarked, by the dates outlined by the festival to qualify for fees and/ or acceptance of entry.