The 32nd Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival is proud to announce the 2017 Winners, Awards & Honorees:


Graham Greene, Burt Reynolds & Karen Allen: Lifetime Achievement
Ken Webb: Renaissance Award Writing, Directing, Shooting, Editing & Composing
Lori Stoll: Best American Indie Director HEAVEN’S FLOOR
Matteo Vicino: Best Foreign Film Director for LOVERS
Charles Garrad: Best Foreign Vo-Production from UK & France WAITING FOR YOU
Evgent Afineeski: Best Documentary CRIES FROM SYRIA
Darisha Beresford & Drew Umland Intrepid Award for Production THE CUTLASS
Lesley Manning of London: Best Short CURTAIN CALL
Peter Foott of Ireland: Best Comedy THE YOUNG OFFENDERS
Celso Garcia of Mexico: Best Foreign Film THE THIN YELLOW LINE
Marian Katchvani of Georgia: Intrepid Award & President’s Award for Foreign Film
Virginie Efira of France: Best Actress for IN BED WITH VICTORIA & THE SENSE OF WONDER
Faisal Jamalyar of Afghanistan: Bravery in Truth Award for THE BIRD WAS NOT A BIRD
Michael Eldon Lobsinger: Best Florida Short ROTTEN MANGOES
Lorraine Portman” Best Florida Script FALLING SOUTH
Alyn Darnay & Steve Daron: Best Florida Feature SHADOW FIGHTER
Ryan McDonough & Jerry Arlen: Best American Indie GROOVE
Sam Wickey & Kasha Fauscett: Humanitarian Award for THE EARTH IS FLAT
Brian Cavallaro/Adam Rifkin: Best of FEST Film DOG YEARS
Anna Mattison Bezrukova: representing Sergey Bezrukov Best Actor AFTER YOU’RE GONE