Looking into a career in the film industry? Need valuable experience to add to your resume?

Well FLIFF is looking for people like you! From assisting with special events, to writing grants, to picking up celebrities at the airport, our interns gain a world of relevant experience and insight into the industry.

Email michellef@fliff.com your resume and cover letter to be considered.

Interns are welcome to join any field they have interest in. We have these positions currently open for interns:


Helps us promote our movies, our theaters & special events thru all media platforms. If interested please contact Michelle Filippi michellef@fliff.com


This person works to install and run audio and video equipment for the theaters. This position is also in charge of all theater print traffic (film, assets, collateral material) and is the primary liaison between filmmakers and the theater regarding all technical needs, shipping and handling of any film or collateral materials. This position requires closely working with the filmmaker/distributors to arrange for media delivery in a time fashion. The print trafficker must also schedule, deliver and return film prints from each venue; contact distribution companies, studios, and filmmakers for information; and properly send out all films at the close of the showcase.



The Face of Cinema Paradiso! Experience in Customer Service, retails sales and phone skills are a must. This person will be happy to discuss film and make suggestions for films showing in our theaters. The job also requires knowledge of Excel, Word, Adobe products and more. The ideal candidate will be calm under pressure, able to multi-task and able to work long hours, utilize their time in between films to assist in sales for the theater.

If you’re interested, send your resume and cover letter to Michelle Filippi, Executive Director mailto:michellef@fliff.com