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FLIFF Board member & Philanthropist Steve Savor made Significant Upgrades to Building & Grounds
Fort Lauderdale:  The charming but lovably funky Cinema Paradiso – Lauderdale is getting a makeover.  Built as a Methodist Church in the 1940’s after the first one was blown away by the monster hurricane of 1926, the building became a depot for Courthouse records in the 1960’s.  In 1986, it was transformed into The Vinnette Carroll Theater in honor of the Off-Broadway writer, director and actress of the same name and became Cinema Paradiso in 1998.

This year, the Board actively sought out an entity or individual that would make a five-year commitment of cash support in exchange for their name on the Ft. Lauderdale building.

Board member, Steve Savor, answered the call.  Savor has been a sponsor of FLIFF since 2002.  His involvement has been a stunning brush of panache as he not only raised funds and awareness to FLIFF, but also did so in the most spectacular ways.


The VIP unveiling of Savor Cinema took place October 18, 2016.
Cinema Paradiso in Ft. Lauderdale is now officially Savor Cinema!

From 2002 – 2008, Savor Sponsored THE POLO PICNIC at Boca Raton’s Polo Club.  Over 150 people would buy tickets for wine, cuisine and music under a tent on the edge of the polo field as the ponies performed.

In 2003, photographer Peter Langone, shot the FLIFF poster using a Las Olas model wearing a film-kini, a bikini made from film strips by an Art Institute Fashion Design student.  Savor hosted the unveiling of the poster at his beautiful home off Las Olas.

In 2004, Savor hosted FLIFF’s Annual Soiree at the Cannes Film Festival.  Six hundred people joined the reverie on the beach for the four-hour spectacular.  At midnight, Savor took 100 VIPs from the party to a private affair atop Cannes’ famed Carlton Hotel on The Croisette for champagne, cognac and cigars.

Later that same year, Savor hosted a Fort Lauderdale Beach Party with special guests actors Fred Willard and Christopher McDonald.  The magnificent party held closing night featured fireworks, live music, catering, bar and a $4,000 Sand Sculpture Savor had commissioned with the FLIFF logo incorporated.

By 2012, Savor had reconstructed his waterfront mansion, razing the home adjacent to his, and reconstructing the now two lots into what became Villa DePalma, a stunning 18,000 sq foot residence and gala platform.  That year, Savor hosted FLIFF’s Closing Night Party with live mermaids in his reflection ponds.

That event was such a success, Savor graciously offered to host the 2013 Opening Night Party with special guests Lea Thompson and Stephen Moyer.  The evening was done as a Great Gatsby affair (fittingly as many people compare Savor to the handsome and mysteriously benevolent Gatsby).  Lady dancers actually performed in a gigantic champagne glass.

In 2015, FLIFF brought in actress Loretta Swit, best known as Hot Lips Houlihan on TV’s M*A*S*H.  Swit was in town for her film NEVER THE SAME that documented the heroism of U.S. POWs held in the South Pacific during WWII.  That evening, Savor transformed Villa DePalma into the 4077th M.A.S.H. complete with a combat jeep, ambulance, camouflaging, helicopter circling above… music, open bar, and live performances of fire eaters.

Steve Savor became a member of the FLIFF Board in 2015 and was just named to the FLIFF Executive Board.  He is continually thinking outside the box, and Steve is the one who brings ideas to FLIFF in contrast to other sponsors FLIFF is constantly pitching.

Steve explains, “I wanted to do something to help FLIFF and in particular, Cinema Paradiso – Lauderdale that was more than just writing a check.  I looked at CPL as a diamond in the rough, sorely in need of cosmetics.  All of the plans have not been finalized, but I know it will include lots of paint and landscaping, some new fans and lights. Carpet, wallpaper, doors and Courtyard upgrades.”